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Site Update 23rd March 2016:
All competition films now have accession dates, some recently made Club and Competition films have been added, and more information about former Club members, committee officers etc. has been added to the database. Films may now have an associate maker along with its principal maker, and this is reflected in database searches and results. The Film List can now be searched by competition result, and searchable  film categories and genre are now automatically generated (a DISTINCT improvement). The site has been backed up and sucessfully upgraded to Joomla 3.5
Site Update 21st January 2016:
About 15 more films are now viewable in the film archive, and the "Film Maker of the Year" for previous seasons can by all under the "Films" menu. CFMC has also moved into HTML5 era (started in October 2014) with a new video banner courtesy of Henryck Jachimczyk - hope you like it!


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